Walking Test
Style Refinement- Suns
Style Refinement- Moons
Night and Day GIF Test
Apollo Print
Artemis Print
Colour Palette GIF Test
Colour Palette GIF Test
Style Refinement
Style Refinement
Style Refinement GIF
Creating my own Typography
Typography Test
Typography Test
Ame No Ume Goddess Drawing
Mari Goddess Drawing
Selkie Drawing
The Fates Drawing
Ra God Drawing
Dagda God Drawing
Minotaur God Drawing
Pillan God Drawing
Dagda Animation
Mari Animation
Billboard Mockup
Festival Map Mockup
Sweatshirt Mockup
Sweatshirt Mockup
Origin- Poem
Origin  Poem Mock Up
Origin Line-Up 
Origin Festival Posters
Origin Promotional Animation 1
Origin Promotional Animation 2
Origin Promotional Animation 3
Origin Promotional Animation 4

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