D&AD Postcard Commission in collaboration with Accenture for their 12 month briefs. 
Penguin 2021 Design Entry for "An Uninhabitable Earth" Book Cover
Speculative Book Cover for Victor Hugos' Toilers of the Sea
Hoodie for Origin Festival I created 
Hoodie 2 for Origin Festival I created 
Origin Tote Bag
Commissioned Book Cover 
Commissioned Christmas Card 
Commissioned Sustainable Fashion Illustration
Commissioned Sustainable Fashion Illustration
Sun Print
Moon Print
Commissioned NHS Leaflet on "Hip and Knee Surgery- An Interactive Booklet" 
Commissioned Published Book Cover for 'Travelling Light'
Festival Branding for 'Origin Festival' Project on BA Illustration
BA Illustration 'Origin Festival' Branding- Map 
BA Illustration 'Origin Festival' Branding- Poem

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